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Nc No.:NC-RD17

Model:JCB JS220

Part No.:05/903808,05903808

Payment: ABC Bank,Paypal,Western Union,MoneyGram,TT Transfer

Keywords: JCB Travel 3rd Planetary Gear,JS220 Travel 3rd Planetary Gear


CAT324DL E324DL 1st Carrier Assembly 191-2678, Travel

E324D gears - CAT324DL E324DL 1st Carrier Assembly 191-2678, Travel

Quick Details:

Nc No.: NC-RD18

Model: CAT324DL,E324DL

Part No.: 191-2678

Payment: ABC Bank,Paypal,Western Union,MoneyGram,TT Transfer

Keywords: CAT324DL 1st Carrier Assembly, E324DL 1st Carrier Assembly


CAT324D Travel Reduction Gear:

No.25191-2678Carrier Assimbly (25)
No.23191-2675, 20TGear planet  (23)
No.24333-2915Bearing  (24)
No.22191-2674, 25TSolar gear (22)


JCB JS220 Hydraulic Parts available:

1. JCB JS220 9C32 K3V112DT KRJ4573 Hydraulic Main Pump
14teeth 40mm N.W: 150KG

2. JCB JS220 Track Adjuster Ass’Y (Track Cylinder ”U” Yoke Srping)
Spring Ware Diameter=45mm,Inner Diameter=130mm,Length=550mm,Ring=8mm

3.JCB JS220 JRJ0213 80A Rubber Coupling 108*205mm

4.JCB JS220 TFC-80 Coupling Ass’y E200B 14T 40mm

5.JCB JS220 4HK1 RHF5 02/802306 8980302170 Turbocahrger


Gears Available:

Sk200-1/3Swing Shaft
Sk200-5/6Swing Shaft
Ex200-5Swing Shaft
Pc200-6 6d95Travel Shaft
Pc200-6 6d95Traveling 1st Planetary Gear
Pc200-6 6d95Traveling 2nd Planetary Gear
Pc200-6 6d95Traveling 1st Sun Gear
Pc200-6 6d95Traveling 2nd Sun Gear
Pc200-6 6d95Traveling 1st Carrier Assy
Pc200-6 6d95Traveling 2nd Carrier Assy
Pc200-6 6d95Travel Motor Housing
Pc200-6 6d102Driver Plate
Pc200-6 6d102Travel Motor Housing
Pc200-7Swing 1st lanetary Gear
Pc200-7Swing 2nd Planetary Gear
Pc200-7Swing 1st Sun Gear
Pc200-7Swing 2nd Sun Gear
Pc200-7Swing 1st Carrier Assy
Pc200-7Swing 2nd Carrier Assy
Pc200-7Swing Gear Ring
Sk200-1/3Swing 1st Planetary Gear
Sk200-1/3Swing 2nd Planetary Gear
Sk200-1/3Swing 1st Sun Gear
Sk200-1/3Swing 2nd Sun Gear
Sk200-1/3Swing 1st Carrier Assy
Sk200-1/3Swing 2nd Carrier Assy
Sk200-5/6Swing 1st Planetary Gear
Sk200-5/6Swing 2nd Planetary Gear
Sk200-5/6Swing 1st Sun Gear
Sk200-5/6Swing 2nd Sun Gear
Sk200-5/6Swing 1st Carrier Assy
Sk200-5/6Swing 2nd Carrier Assy
Sk200-5Swing Gear Ring
Ex200-5Swing 1st Carrier Assy
Ex200-5Swing 2nd Carrier Assy
Ex200-5Swing 1st Sun Gear
Ex200-5Swing 2nd Sun Gear
Ex200-5Travel 1st Planetary Gear
Ex200-5Travel 2nd Planetary Gear

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