Item Details:

Nc No.: NC-HP10

Model: Kawasaki DH300-5, R290-7, Volvo EC290B

Pump No.: K3V140DT, 9C,9N

Payment: ABC Bank,Paypal,Western Union, MoneyGram,TT Transfer


DH300-5 R290-7 Volvo EC290B Hydraulic Pump K3V140DT,9C32 9N24

K3V140DT 9C - DH300-5 R290-7 Volvo EC290B Hydraulic Pump K3V140DT,9C32 9N24

Item Details:

Nc No.: NC-HP14

Model: Kawasaki DH300-5, R290-7, Volvo EC290B

Pump No.: K3V140DT, 9C,9N

Payment: ABC Bank,Paypal,Western Union, MoneyGram,TT Transfer

Keywords: EC290B Hydraulic Pump, Volvo EC290B Hydraulic Pump, DH300-5 Hydraulic Pump, R290-7 Hydraulic Pump

K3V112 Main Pump Model(Available):

– HYUNDAI R110-7, R130LC-3, R130W, R130W-3, R140-7/9, R200LC, R210LC-3, R210LC-7, R250-7, R290LC-3, R290-7, R290LC-7, R320-7/9, R320LC-3, R360LC-3, R360-7/9, R360-7A, R400LC-V, R450LC-3, R1700W-7, R2200LC-3, R2200W, R2800, R2900LC-7, R3000LC-7, R4500LC-3, HX80


SE130LC-2, SE130W-2, SE130-3, SE130LC-3, SE210W-2, SE210LC-2, SE210LC-3, SE240LC-3, SE280-2/3, SE350, SE350LC-2, EC45C, EC140, EC140W, EC210, EC240B, EC290, EC330B, EC360B, EC460B, EW145B, MX135, MX135LCM, MX135W, MX202W, MX255, MX352LC, MX455, MX452LC


S120-V, S130-V, S130LC-V, S130-2, S130W, 140S-5, S150W, S170, S200LC-V, S200W-5, S220-3, S220LC, S220LL, S220N-5, S240-5, S255-V, S255LC-V, S280LC, S280LC-3, S290-5, S300LC-V, S320LC, S330-3, S330-V, S360-3, S360-V, S400-V, S450-V, DX300LC, DH320


Hydraulic Main Pump:

JCB JS160K3V63DT 9C08Hydraulic Main Pump
JCB JS220K3V112DT 9C32Hydraulic Main Pump
R210LC/R250LC-7K3V112DT 9C32Hydraulic Main Pump
EC210/EC240K3V112DT 9N32Hydraulic Main Pump
JCB JS220K3V112DTP 1M9R-9C79
Hydraulic Main Pump
R305LC-7K5V140DTP-1J9R-9C12-A, K5V140DTP-9C12-1A
31N8-10070, 31N8-10080
Hydraulic Main Pump
Hydraulic Main Pump
31N5-15010, 31N5-15011
Hydraulic Main Pump
Hydraulic Main Pump
Hydraulic Main Pump
Hydraulic Main Pump
ZX200-3HPV118 9262319Hydraulic pump assy
(Handok with gearbox)
ZX330-3HPV145 9257309,9260886Hydraulic pump,single
R160LC-7K5V80DT-1LCR-9C05Hydraulic Main Pump
R170W-7K5V80DTP-1JHR-9C05-1AHydraulic Main Pump
R210LC-7K3V112DT-1CER-9C32-1BHydraulic Main Pump
R250LC-7K3V112DT-1CER-9C32-2CLHydraulic Main Pump
R290LC-7A, R305LC-7K5V140DTP-1J9R-9C12-A, K5V140DTP-9C12-1AHydraulic Main Pump
R320LC-7(A)K3V180DT-1RER-9C69-C/DHydraulic Main Pump
R360LC-7(A)K3V180DTH-1P0R-9C0SHydraulic Main Pump
R450LC-7(A)K5V200DTH-10AR-9C0Z-VHydraulic Main Pump
R480LC-9(S)K5V200DTH-10WR-9N2Z-VTHydraulic Main Pump
R500LC-7(A)K5V200DTH-10AR-9C0Z-VHydraulic Main Pump
R520LC-9(S)K5V200DTH-10WR-9N2Z-VTHydraulic Main Pump
R800LC-7AK3V280DTH-1AHR-9COH-VHydraulic Main Pump
EC140BLCK3V63DT-1ZDR-9N0T-ZV, K3V63DT-1ZDR-9N0T-LZVHydraulic Main Pump
EC160BLC, EC180BLCK5V80DT-1PDR-9N0Y-MZVHydraulic Main Pump
Volvo EC210B, EC240BLCK3V112DT-1XER-9N2A-1Hydraulic Main Pump
EC290BLCK3V140DT-1JER-9N04-1Hydraulic Main Pump
EC330BLC, EC360BLCK3V180DTP-9N05-1Hydraulic Main Pump
EC460BLCK3V180DTH-9N2BHydraulic Main Pump
EC460BLCK5V200DTH-9N0B-VHydraulic Main Pump
Doosan S225/S255LC-VK3V112DTPHydraulic Main Pump
SOLAR 300LC-VK5V140DTP-1D9R-9N01Hydraulic Main Pump
DX300LCAK5V140DTP-1N9R-9N07-VHydraulic Main Pump
JCB JS 110, JCB JS 115, JCB JS 130, JCB JS 140, JCB JS 145, JCB JS 160, JCB JS 180K3V63DT-1ROR-9COH-2+FHydraulic Main Pump
JCB JS 110K3V63DTP-1R9R-9G0J+F/PHydraulic Main Pump
JCB JS 160K3V63DTP-1R0R-9С1H+PHydraulic Main Pump
JCB JS 190, JCB JS 200, JCB JS 220, JCB JS 240, JCB JS 260K3V112DT-1G4R-9C12-1Hydraulic Main Pump
JCB JS220K3V112DTP-1GMR-9C79-1+FHydraulic Main Pump
JCB JS330K5V200DPH-1CAR-9C24Hydraulic Main Pump


Payment &Packing &Shipping:

Payment ways PNCPARTS - DH300-5 R290-7 Volvo EC290B Hydraulic Pump K3V140DT,9C32 9N24

A). TT transfer, Western Union, Paypal, Moneygram are acceptable.

B). Light goods inner box is neutral white with an strong outer box.Heavy goods wooden case with standard packing.If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.

C). Delivery time: depends on items you buy, most electric parts can shiped within 1-3 working days.

D). DHL /Fedex /UPS /TNT/ARMEX/SF Express ,etc. normal express shipping way for small cargo.Russia,Kazakhstan, Ukraine Russia Special Line,Bangladesh,Myanmar,Vietnam ect, competitive shipping way no need you do customs clearance.Door to Door.

wm shipment picture - DH300-5 R290-7 Volvo EC290B Hydraulic Pump K3V140DT,9C32 9N24

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