Nc No.: NC-RD01

Model: Kobelco SK200-1/3


Kobelco SK200-1/3 Swing Shaft For Excavator

NC RD01 - Kobelco SK200-1/3 Swing Shaft For Excavator

Nc No.: NC-RD01

Model: Kobelco SK200-1/3


Gears Available:

Sk200-1/3 Swing Shaft
Sk200-5/6 Swing Shaft
Ex200-5 Swing Shaft
Pc200-6 6d95 Travel Shaft
Pc200-6 6d95 Traveling 1st Planetary Gear
Pc200-6 6d95 Traveling 2nd Planetary Gear
Pc200-6 6d95 Traveling 1st Sun Gear
Pc200-6 6d95 Traveling 2nd Sun Gear
Pc200-6 6d95 Traveling 1st Carrier Assy
Pc200-6 6d95 Traveling 2nd Carrier Assy
Pc200-6 6d95 Travel Motor Housing
Pc200-6 6d102 Driver Plate
Pc200-6 6d102 Travel Motor Housing
Pc200-7 Swing 1st Planetary Gear
Pc200-7 Swing 2nd Planetary Gear
Pc200-7 Swing 1st Sun Gear
Pc200-7 Swing 2nd Sun Gear
Pc200-7 Swing 1st Carrier Assy
Pc200-7 Swing 2nd Carrier Assy
Pc200-7 Swing Gear Ring
Sk200-1/3 Swing 1st Planetary Gear
Sk200-1/3 Swing 2nd Planetary Gear
Sk200-1/3 Swing 1st Sun Gear
Sk200-1/3 Swing 2nd Sun Gear
Sk200-1/3 Swing 1st Carrier Assy
Sk200-1/3 Swing 2nd Carrier Assy
Sk200-5/6 Swing 1st Planetary Gear
Sk200-5/6 Swing 2nd Planetary Gear
Sk200-5/6 Swing 1st Sun Gear
Sk200-5/6 Swing 2nd Sun Gear
Sk200-5/6 Swing 1st Carrier Assy
Sk200-5/6 Swing 2nd Carrier Assy
Sk200-5 Swing Gear Ring
Ex200-5 Swing 1st Carrier Assy
Ex200-5 Swing 2nd Carrier Assy
Ex200-5 Swing 1st Sun Gear
Ex200-5 Swing 2nd Sun Gear
Ex200-5 Traveling 1st Planetary Gear
Ex200-5 Traveling 2nd Planetary Gear


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Kobelco SK200-1/3