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Nc No.: NC-RV116

Model No.: Volvo EC210C EC220D

Part No.: Voe14535259 14535259

Payment: ABC Bank, Paypal, Western Union, MoneyGram, TT Transfer


PC400-7 SA6D140E Fuel Flow Limiter Assy ND095400-0240 Common Rail Parts

Description PC400-7 Pressure Limit Valve, SA6D140E Fuel Flow Limiter
Application Komatsu PC400-7 Excavator
Model HM350, PC400, WA500
Part No. ND095400-0240, ND0954000240
Quality China made
Weight 0.1-0.2 kgs
Packing Plastic bags
MOQ 1 pc
Lead time About 1-3 working days
Payment TT, Western union, Paypal, Paysend, RMB
Warranty 3 Months
Shipping Port Huangpu Old Port, Shenzhen Yantian,Guangzhou

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ND095400 0240 Limiter 4 - PC400-7 SA6D140E Fuel Flow Limiter Assy ND095400-0240 Common Rail Parts

Parts on group PC400-7 fuel supply pump:

Pos. Part No Qty Parts name Comments
  6217-71-1211 [1]   RAIL ASS’Y,COMMON Komatsu 8.15 kg.
  [“Field_1: SN : 312635 –“] analogs:[“ND0954410180”, “6217711210”] |$1.
   1.   ND095441-0180 [1]   RAIL COMMON Komatsu 8.15 kg.
  [“Field_1: SN : 312635 –“] analogs:[“6217711210”, “6217711211”]
   2.   ND095400-0240 [6]   LIMITER ASS’Y,FUEL FLOW Komatsu 0.1 kg.
  [“Field_1: SN : 312635 –“] analogs:[“ND0954000230”]
   3.   ND095420-0140 [1]   LIMITER ASS’Y,FUEL PRESSURE Komatsu 0.15 kg.
  [“Field_1: SN : 312635 –“]
   4.   ND499000-4441 [1]   SENSOR ASS’Y,FUEL PRESSURE Komatsu OEM 0.14 kg.
  [“Field_1: SN : 312635 –“]
   5.   ND095443-0080 [2]   PLUG, COMMON RAIL Komatsu 0.031 kg.
  [“Field_1: SN : 312635 –“]
   6.   ND949120-0570 [2]   BALL STEEL Komatsu 0.014 kg.
  [“Field_1: SN : 312635 –“]
7.   ND095444-0020 [7]   PICCO RING Komatsu 0.001 kg.
  [“Field_1: SN : 312635 –“]

fuel supply pump - PC400-7 SA6D140E Fuel Flow Limiter Assy ND095400-0240 Common Rail Parts

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Packing& Shipping:

Payment ways PNCPARTS - PC400-7 SA6D140E Fuel Flow Limiter Assy ND095400-0240 Common Rail Parts

A). TT transfer, Western Union, Paypal, Moneygram are acceptable.

B). Light goods inner box is neutral white with an strong outer box.Heavy goods wooden case with standard packing.

If you have legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.

C). Delivery time: depends on items you buy, most electric parts can shiped within 1-3 working days.

D). DHL /Fedex /UPS /TNT/ARMEX/SF Express ,etc. normal express shipping way for small cargo. we have door to door shipment service.
Russia,Kazakhstan, Ukraine Russia Special Line,Bangladesh,Myanmar,Vietnam ect, competitive shipping ways.

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